To guarantee that each representative at OSPS can be depended upon to perform to our high standards, the following strict criteria have been carefully developed by our management staff.

  • Each applicant is screened thoroughly.

  • An extensive oral interview is conducted.

  • DPSST (Department of Public Safety Standards and Training) certifications are required as a minimum, which includes an F.B.I. and Oregon State Police criminal background check, state filed fingerprints, and a written test of competency and law.

  • Agents have comprehensive specialized training. Including powers to arrest, report writing, defensive tactics, and other programs that are appropriate to specific tasks.

  • Continuous educational programs are conducted to ensure all agents are familiar with the latest techniques.

  • Personnel participate only on those assignments for which they are fully licensed and qualified.

  • Supervisors administer continuous evaluations of field personnel.

  • Only the most qualified agents are selected.