A successful security program requires flexibility and prompt response by the security provider, and should never be hindered by administrative or operational difficulties. Staffing levels must be maintained at all times. Security personnel must have confidence in their employer and receive fair wages, on time. OSPS (Oregon State Protection Services) does not subscribe to the practice of paying security personnel minimum wages. OSPS strongly believes this practice to be counter-productive and only serves to perpetuate the major obstacle that has plagued the development of professionalism in the security industry for the past several years; the lack of qualified personnel due to traditionally low pay rates. These individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting people, property and other assets. The value of this task is pertinent to be recognized. Anything less can be detrimental to your security posture.

OSPS has the resources and the flexibility to deliver a consistently high level of service, providing personal management involvement, superior supervision and a well trained and qualified security force. OSPS employs professional security agents that far exceed Oregon security standards. Many OSPS Agents are criminal justice college majors. These students not only receive school credit for working with OSPS, they also receive prominent wages and obtain training and field experience. This benefits our clients with quality security personnel, and benefits our employees with a rewarding occupation and school benefits.


Our management team will work with you to custom fit a security program that achieves all of your demands and security needs. Each security agent is supported and supervised by a security manager. Office managers and supervisors have the authority to react in a timely and responsible manner to any security contingency or requirement at a contract site. Site visits, random inspections, and management audits will be conducted regularly to ensure that our performance is maintained at the highest professional level.

OSPS supervisors set the standard for security as your experienced and trained professionals. They monitor and evaluate the security force on a regular basis. The supervisor serves as the critical communication and implementation link between your organization and OSPS. Our office management team is always available to you and capable of providing an immediate response to any troubling situation that may occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OSPS has a quality assurance program designed to provide the greatest level of performance for your security investment. OSPS will use its corporate management to ensure that there is full compliance with established operational standards.



The OSPS Agent becomes a visible symbol of the organization being represented and must have the bearing and appearance to reflect the highest standards possible.

The traditional police-style uniform has been the uniform of choice by most OSPS clients. The police-style look generally projects authority and commands respect from the public. Appropriate for both males and females, the uniform consists of dark blue pockets on a light blue button shirt, with dark blue pants. Each agent wears a badge on the left breast pocket.

Some clients prefer to choose a softer, “low profile” look. The executive uniform is offered with black slacks, black shirt, with a security name tab.


Our F.P.T. (Force Protection Team) wears Woodland Camouflage with black tact vests, black boots, and black duty gear. The F.P.T. is a special operations team designed for government contracts (U.S. Navy or local Police Departments). OSPS incorporates military and law enforcement agents to perform Force Protection details involving anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism tactics.

Whatever your preference may be, OSPS will provide the appropriate uniform without any cost to our clients or security personnel.


OSPS has what we believe to be the most comprehensive program available in today’s insurance market, providing a 3 million-dollar liability protection plan. Coverage is written by one of the worlds largest insurance companies in the requirements of our industry and therefore, the needs of our clients. OSPS will provide a valid certificate of insurance upon contract award.